Everything you need to get rid of those annoying flies & wasps.

Non Toxic & Environmental friendly

A Fantastic Reusable Trap

The first Shavtieli traps durable & reusable original fly trap with the XL fly catching cage. The reusable trap who can last for many years of use.

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Just Hang It Outdoors!

The classic durable & reusable original fly and wasps trap with the special big entrance hole for flies and wasps.

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Try It! You will love it.

Simple reusable trap who designed to hold for a full season of caching.

Model 3 traps cover hole makes it very easy to use and all you need is to add bait and water without opening it and till it is full.

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The Most Powerful Disposable Urbanic Flies Trap Ever.

Say Goodbye to Flies & Wsaps.

The perfect trap for-gardens, fruit trees, farms, chickens, swimming pools, restaurants,
coffee shops and generally every place where annoying flies are found.

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New Elegant Disposable Urbanic Traps

Shavtieli beautiful and Smallest urban fly & wasps trap which was made especially for the
needs of exclusive places where the visual is most important.

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This Is One Amazing Eco Friendly Bait

The original bait which is made since 1980!

Made of only naturals ingredients

Effective for house fly, fruit fly, olive fly, German African wasps (yellow jackets)

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Choose Your Favorite Style

Reusable Bucket Trap – Model 3

The Original Reusable Premium Classic Big Trap

Reusable Classic Premium Medium Trap

Disposable Urbanic Trap

Magic Bait

Disposable Trap Bag

About Us

The Shavtieli Traps Company runs in the Shavtieli family from the early 1980. Isaack shavtieli ,the company founder was one of the first manufacturers of plastic fly traps with nontoxic bait in the world.

Shavtieli fly traps can aid anyone who lives on the ground and suffers from flies and wasps. Shavtieli traps nontoxic bait attract the house flies, fruit flies, olive flies and wasps (German and African kinds) therefore provides relief for anyone living near gardens,parks, fruit trees, farms, chickens, swimming pools, hotels,kemping resorts,restaurants, coffee shops and generally every place where annoying flies are found.

In the year 2015 Isaack passed the company managing to his son Ran Shavtieli. Ran took the company for a new steps further by innovating and adding some new designs of fly traps but still keeps the company spirit-manufacturing green, nontoxic and environmental friendly products.

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