The Amazing Shavtieli Urban Disposable Fly & Wasps Trap

The Amazing Shavtieli Urban Disposable Fly & Wasps Trap2018-03-14T05:12:25+00:00

Made For Urbanic Places

Shavtieli beautiful and Smallest urban fly & wasps trap which was made especially for the needs of exclusive places where the visual is most important. For example: hotels restaurants, celebrations & event venues and more…

How To Use



Farmers and Worldwide Customers Love our Traps!

“We use Shavtieli  Traps in our Farm and it’s absolutely Amazing.”

Alonghi • Kibutz Sunshine

“I bought couple of Shavtieli Traps for my horse farm and it works amazing, we catch each day thousands of flies!.” you must try it out, highly recommended!”

Ehud Levanon • Kdumim Farm

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We’re looking for worldwide distributors, if you’re interested to get on board please fill the form below and we’ll get back to you with more info